10 Tips How to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger And Better

  • 23 Dec 2021 06:48
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10 Tips How to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger And Better

Renovating small rooms may be fun and also challenging. The right design and engineering tips can help you change the atmosphere of a cramped room to be more comfortable
The use of multifunctional cabinets and furniture can also be an option if you want to renovate a small room.

TIPS How to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger And Better

1 . Use a few variants colors.

If you think using white for the whole room is too ordinary, maybe you can add another color of your favorite. However, keep it in a balanced portion and not overdo it. Limit the use of bright colors only to red and yellow. Both colors are perfect for brick walls and wooden furniture. Offset with white color to make the room feel more spacious.

2. Let the light in.

Use a window cover to a minimum if you have a small room so that natural light from the outside can enter the room. Simply cover the window with a roller blind or a lace or voile window cover.

3. Maximize your storage space.

By using a large wardrobe that reaches the ceiling of the room, you can make the most of each room. The closet can have multifunction as a bookshelf, a storage area for personal items, a place to put various decorations, photos, or can serve as a table next to the bed, and a place to hang reading lights.

4. Don't be afraid to use the room window.

You can put the furniture in your room close by or even stick to the window. For example, if you have a large enough window in the room, you can put your mattress attached to the window so that your mattress is not in the middle of the room. Use a vertical window cover to block out sunlight. Windows can also be useful as a natural reading light in the morning.

5. Create a trick using glass.

Create the illusion of the room using glass. This trick is perfect for small rooms. The use of glass will make the room seem twice as spacious.

6. Use custom furniture.

Create custom furniture that suits your room. With this, you can make the most of each space.

7. Make the wallpaper the center of attention.

In an elongated room, use wallpaper on the wall located at the very end of the room to make the wall look more advanced.

8. Use a cupboard or board on the bed.

Using a closet on the bed is one of the great ways to maximize the space in your room. You can create custom cabinets that serve as bedside tables and bookshelves.

9. Be bold.

For children's or teen's rooms, you can use wallpapers with varied and bold colors and patterns. Use different wallpapers on each wall and complete with simple furniture.

10. Give it a wow effect with white.

White is indeed the safest color to use to brighten the room. There are many ways to use white for cramped rooms. Use natural white colors and minimalist wall decorations to make room windows and outside-the-room view a major concern.

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