5 Tips to Creating a Powder Room Your Guests Will Love

  • 16 Dec 2021 05:55
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5 Tips to Creating a Powder Room Your Guests Will Love

5 Tips to Creating a Powder Room Your Guests Will Love: Homeowners often tend to focus their time and energy on decorating the big areas like the family room or kitchen. 

While those areas are definitely crucial for a comfortable and functional home, don’t overlook the importance of one small space in your home that nearly every guest will visit at one time or another. 

The powder room might seem like it’s just a small, closet-sized half-bath, but it should convey a sense of welcome to all of your guests. A thoughtfully decorated bathroom can earn you big points with your guests and might have people all around the neighborhood raving about your impeccable taste.

Best Tips To Creating A Powder Room

1. Think Like a Designer

Let your inner interior designer run amok while decorating the bathroom, using colors and patterns you might not consider for your everyday family space. Make an immediate statement in the small spot by covering the walls, and even the ceilings, with rich, heavily-patterned wallpaper. 

A large print works extremely well in a small spot and makes an immediate impact. Molding or wood panels can add architectural interest and create a warm, cozy environment. A faux-paint treatment is a less expensive option and provides a dramatic impact, as well.

2. Select the Perfect Vanity and Cabinetry

The entire vanity, from the cabinet to the countertop, serves as the focal point of your bathroom powder, so splurge on a distinctive piece. Avoid those boxy, cookie-cutter cabinets of yesteryear. Convert a piece of furniture into a base for your vanity for stunning visual impact. 

Designers also offer cabinets to fit every personal style, from modern, curved pieces to those with ornately carved woodwork. Expand your horizons and select a modern stone pedestal that leaves your guests speechless the moment they enter the room.

Select a spectacular sink to go along with your cabinetry. Sinks these days are sleek and stylish and are available as gorgeous vessel-style sinks that make a huge impact. Ovals are still a traditional shape, but sinks can be unique rectangular shapes to deep-round basins that stand out. 

Hand-painted basins are also a popular choice and offer a one-of-a-kind look for your spot. Whether you go with granite, glass, stone, or steel, the most important consideration is making sure it complements the cabinet you’ve chosen.

Select the Perfect Vanity and Cabinetry
Select the Perfect Vanity and Cabinetry

3. Add an Amazing Mirror

You’ve heard that old adage about powdering your nose. It’s actually a pretty accurate sentiment. Guests of both genders always find it necessary to take a quick glance at the mirror before rejoining the gathering, so give them an amazing place to do just that. 

Choose a mirror with enough detail to stand out, yet one that is cohesive with your vanity. Avoid anything resembling a standard medicine cabinet, because they just look a little too sterile.

4. Accessorize

Accessories are the personality traits of the room, so add plenty to your spot to show guests your unique personality. Hang artwork where guests can appreciate it. Display collectibles or sculptures prominently. Place one unique piece in your bathroom powder that no one else could have, be it a modern vase or an antique wall-hanging. Ultimately, choose accessories that will add to the glamorous, over-the-top look of your powder room space.

5. Pamper Your Guests

Don’t overlook the most important component of the bathroom powder it’s a space generally reserved for guests. Make your guests feel right at home by providing an assortment of plush, luxurious hand towels. 

Display a small basket or tray full of lotion, cream, perfume, and cologne for both women and men to take advantage of. Place small guest soaps in a large, clear glass vase for ease of access. 

A strategically placed vase of fresh flowers is a welcoming addition at any time and can be changed with the seasons. And don’t forget the most important thing always make sure there is plenty of extra toilet paper on hand so guests don’t have to embarrass themselves asking for more.

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