5 Various Interior Design Styles - Fine Furniture And Interior Design

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5 Various Interior Design Styles - Fine Furniture And Interior Design

5 Various Interior Design Styles - Fine Furniture And Interior Design : Choosing fine furniture and interior design styles can be confusing but this is something that you need to do if you are planning on redecorating your home. A good way to start is to first learn about the different styles of interior design that you can choose from

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

Following Documentaries about World War II, there have been massive changes in the area of fine furniture and interior design. Due to the shortage of many natural materials, furniture made from synthetic materials became highly popular during this time. The designs typically used smooth lines and simple patterns, but with relatively vibrant colors and interesting textures. It was a time when people were not looking for luxury and grandeur, so most of the furniture took on a rather minimalist style.

Gothic Interior Design

This type of fine furniture and interior design was quite prevalent during the 1800s but it has also been making quite a comeback for the last few years now. Common colors used in gothic interior design are mauve, blood red, forest green, and other equally dramatic hues. Wooden furniture fits this category perfectly, especially those made of oak or cherry.

Floors in a typical gothic home would be made of hardwood stone and covered in some places by area rugs. Stone fireplaces, stained glass windows or wall hangings, and heavy wooden beams are also among the standard fixtures of a gothic home.

As for the decorative elements, items such as candles, oil paintings, and wrought-iron pieces would be very effective in giving a home a very gothic look and feel.

Mediterranean Interior Design

This is probably the obvious choice for a home that already has Mediterranean architectural styles in place. A sun-kissed look is perfect for Mediterranean fine furniture and interior design, so you would do very well to go with colors such as yellow, gold, orange or olive green for your walls and furniture. For your floor, the recommended choices are either marble or hardwood. Terra cotta decorations strategically placed throughout the house are an excellent way of bringing the Mediterranean theme throughout the entire space.

Cozy and Rustic Interior Design

Of all the fine furniture and interior design options, this is probably the one that exudes the most warmth and charm. Of course, it is not the best choice for everybody but if you like the country and you have a fondness for old things, then this might just be the perfect fine furniture and interior design choice for you. Trademark pieces in this type of design are plaid and floral patterns, old wooden furniture, and the generous use of fabric in different parts of the house.

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