Beautiful And Creative Chairless Living Room Interior Design

  • 01 Jan 2022 09:25
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Beautiful And Creative Chairless Living Room Interior Design

Beautiful And Creative Chairless Living Room Interior Design - Do you have a small living room that seems unlikely to place a sofa or chair? Lately, even seemingly in large houses, formal living rooms are getting smaller. Many of these living rooms are designed in such a way that all four sides have entrances, windows, or televisions that make all sofa placement options even more limited.

Or you might want an interior design of a small house with an open space plan. However, this concept makes it difficult to place more items so that the back of the sofa is almost always facing more important items or furniture.

The question is, should the living room have a sofa and no other way? The good news is there is no interior design law that requires the living room to accommodate a sofa. Some of the following ideas show the decoration of the living room without sofas or chairs that make the arrangement of furniture still prioritize functional, aesthetic, and visual.

1. Seated pillows

The design of the room without chairs also applies to floor seating areas or lesehan. You can stretch the tapestry equipped with several sitting cushions of various colors of your choice, with a little avant-garde touch.

It's even easy to move the table and all the pillows sit outdoors so that an outdoor living area is created. 

2. Oriental

Of course, there is a strong precedent for floor seating or lesehan in Japanese tatami culture. If you like open space without being burdened by a wide range of furniture, you will definitely prefer floor seating as an alternative to decorating the living room without a sofa. You can get rid of the chairs, and add some Japanese-style floor chairs to complete your living room.

You can consider Japanese floor chairs and add seating cushions and small shelves to create a more modern atmosphere.

3. Bean bag

Inspired by the lesehan seating in Moroccan Bedouin tents, you can also apply them in your living room. Alternatively, instead of chairs or sofas in addition to pillows and floor chairs, you can also use foam, floor sofas, or various variations of bean bags. You can fold and stack foam and pillows in the storage closet when not in use. Here are some examples of floor sofas that seem lighter than regular sofas. There are many foam base colors that you can consider if you don't like light and striking colors.

4. Open shelves

Open shelves can serve as a wall-bound room seal. Shelf density can be changed based on the number of books you arrange. With this open shelf seal, you can even turn your living room into a mini library, full of books, portraits, artwork, and all your precious memories.

5. Entertainment area

Why not turn the living room into an exciting family entertainment area to watch television or listen to music? It's a perfect example because the living room will remain stylish and luxurious while double as a home theater space.

6. Reading room

If you have a small living room, this idea is a great example of taking advantage of the corner of the space that is so often missed in the living room. You will definitely feel at home lingering in this space to read a book and relax for a moment.

In addition, adding a short desk can also turn the living room into a multifunctional, whether as a study, workspace, living room, reading room, or mini-library. Adding bookshelves, televisions and decorative lights will also create a dramatic impression like the following image.

7. Meditation room

You can create a relaxing and relaxing meditation room by using flexible seating such as pillow mats, folding chairs, or folding foam. This way, you can still entertain friends without having to sit directly on the floor. Seats can be stacked or stacked against walls or stored in spare cabinets when not in use. Also, add some elements related to meditation to further add a dramatic atmosphere.

8. Focus View

You may choose a living room that has a view of the garden or a good outdoor view. Consider placing sitting cushions facing the view. You can relax and chat while enjoying the view.

9. Children's playgrounds, Games area

In addition to functioning as a living room, you can place shelves to store books and toys and make it a children's play area at any given time. Seating cushions, floor chairs or sofas, curtains, and brightly colored tapestries make this place also look cheerful for children of all ages. Make the play area as comfortable as possible and free from any distractions.

10. Sunken style

Another trick to create a living room decoration without a sofa is a sunken style featuring built-in seating by adding a foam base and pillows as a backrest. You and your guests can sit and chat in this cozy and intimate place

11. Comfortable angle

If all you have is a bench, take advantage of it by adding a foam base and pillow, and attach it to the wall to keep it leaning optimally. Result? Create the perfect window seat!

This corner area becomes your small living room by adding a bench of finished bobbin wood. You can even make this bench as a decorative element next to a large plant pot in the corner of the room.

You can place a lightweight table so it's easy to move around, don't forget to add a foam base to complete the seating in your living room.

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