Best 1875 Watt Hair Dryer Of 2021: Buying Guides

Our top professionals have tested, examined, and ranked the 12 Best 1875 watt hair dryer of 2021. As a result, we get nearly 3,310 customer reviews from famous websites, forums, and even customer feedback. Simultaneously, we also introduce and give helpful information about famous brands, especially Conair, Jinri, Bed head, Hot tools, Gold n hot, Confu.

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  • Negative Ion Tourmaline function,which smooth hair and lock in moisture,protecting against heat damage.Helps to create smooth, silky hair and eliminates frizz.
  • 3 Heat/ 2 Speeds settings and Cool Shot Button for complete drying and styling flexibility.
  • Negative ions combined with tourmaline technology reduce static and frizz, sealing the cuticle for more sleek, shiny hair.
  • 2 attachments included (Diffuser/Concentrator) meets your varied needs of hairstyle,give you maximum precision,and styling variety.
  • Cool Shot Button
  • Soft Touch Finish for Comfortable Styling
  • 【Equipped with 2 Attachments】Concentrate nozzle is ideal for precision styling on straight, smooth hair. Diffuser designed to enhance your natural curl and texture, especially with wavy or curly hair
  • 【Ionic Technology】Effectively reduce static electricity, make the hair smooth, soft and easy to comb
  • Leader in Hair Dryers: From traditional bonnets to hi tech dryers equipped with cutting edge technology, Conair has a great selection of hair dryers for every hair type and every hair style
  • Superior Function: A Cool Shot button locks hair styles in place and rocker switches make for easy handling; Includes 3 heat/2 speed custom dryer settings for different hair types
  • Cord Keeper Hair Dryer: This dryer features Ionic Technology to control frizz for smooth, shiny hair and Tourmaline Ceramic Technology for uniform heat for fast drying with less damage
  • Retractable Power Cord: With the press of a button, this hair dryer's 5 foot power cord retracts into handle of hair dryer for easy storage and less clutter; Removeable filter allows for easy maintenance
  • Frizz Free Curls: This dryer features an innovative diffuser with multi chamber design to bring out your best frizz free curls and waves, plus a concentrator for smooth styles
  • Advanced Design: Featuring ceramic technology for fast drying and less damage and Ionic technology for up to 75 percent less frizz, plus 3 heat and 2 speed settings and a true cold shot button to lock in curls, waves, and style
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Temperature range

You should look for hair dryers that have multiple settings. These include three heat/two speed options and cool shot. This helps to style your hair, dry finishing sprays, and other similar products. Your dryer will have more styling options and dry faster. The dryer's lower settings cause less hair damage and should only be used when the hair is dry.

Size and weight

Even though it doesn't seem to be an issue when comparing various models, the dimensions and weights of hair dryers will have an impact on their usability. A heavy hair dryer can cause you to have sore arms after you are done styling. While lighter weight hair dryers are better suited to drying long hair than those of standard weight, they may still be suitable for hair that is shorter or less frequently used. Your hair drying habits will help determine which size dryer is best for you. Compact hair dryers are best if your travels frequently or you need one that can fit in your backpack.


Hair dryer switches can be used to change settings. It is important to find switches with intuitive labels and easy-to-use access.

Heating element

Hair dryers of today feature cutting-edge heating technology. This makes styling your hair simple, literally as well as metaphorically. Ionic models should have heating elements made from ceramic. For fast and uniform drying, ceramic coils are evenly heated.
Ionic hair dryers employ negative ions to reduce the effects of flyaway and frizz. They also make hair smoother and silkier. Models with tourmaline, a semiprecious rock that emits more negativeions than regular ionic dryers, are particularly efficient. Ceramic and ionic hair dryers of high quality dry hair quicker.

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1. What's a cold shot (true) versus a cool shot?

The DC motor hairdryers will not reduce the temperature of the air as long as there is current running through the heater. AC and EC Digital Motor hairdryers have the ability to switch off all current, so that airflow will feel colder. Heat relaxes hair cuticle connections, allowing it to be styled and curled. A cold blast of wind after styling can seal the hair bonds, helping to hold or fix a style.

2. What's a concentrator & how do you use it?

An attachment for hair dryers, a concentrator creates more direct and concentrated airflow. It also speeds up airflow speed. This concentrator can be used for rough drying the hair until it reaches 80%. A round brush and the concentrator are used for final blow drying. This gives the hair a professional look.

3. What's a diffuser & how do you use it?

Diffusers are attachments for hair dryers that allow airflow to be diffused over larger surfaces and at lower speeds. The diffuser has fingers that direct the airflow towards roots. The diffuser can be used to enhance and dry natural curls. The roots can be enlarged by using the diffuser's fingers.

4. What's the best hairdryer motor?

A hairdryer motor that delivers high efficiency, high speed airflow and greater air speed speeds up hair drying time. This saves you time and provides better protection for your hair.
A EC (Electronically Commutated) hairdryer is best. It can also be called a BLDC(BrushLess direct current) or a BLDC (BrushLess direct current).

5. What makes a good hairdryer?

Drying hair is about getting rid of moisture. A hairdryer's motor type is what makes the difference between a decent and great one. When looking for the right hairdryer, you should consider heat, speed, air quality, and drying time.
- Hair damage can be caused by too much heat
- It takes too much time to dry your hair if you use slow air speeds
- Hair that isn’t drying efficiently because of poor airflow can be a sign of low airflow.
Don't judge a hairdryer on its wattage. Wrong! You are wrong!

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