Top 12 Best Indoor Fireplace: Highly Recommended Of 2021

The information and peak level of Best indoor fireplace have been researched by our staff and experts. They try to cover as many reliable products as possible to suit your 2021 needs. About 12 Best indoor fireplace are reached through 73,249 reviews from people experiencing the item before. Of course, they come from famous brands such as Colsen, Lifeplus, Belleze where modern & affordable meet, Regal flame, E euhomy, Flame&shade, Duraflame, Turbro, Costway, Roundfire.

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  • DESIGNED FOR: This vent free portable tabletop fire pit bio ethanol fireplace can be used indoor or outdoor. It can also be used instead of Gas Logs, Wood Log, Electric Log, Electric Fireplace Insert or Wood Burning Fireplace. The flame is 360 degree viewable and acts as a double-sided fireplace. You may also add a set of Regal Flame logs and/or pebbles. This fireplace burner insert is eco-friendly, and ventless that burns ethanol fireplace fuel.
  • REAL FLAME: Unlike electric fireplaces inserts, Tealight Fireplace Log, candle holders, Hurricane Candleholders, Gel Fireplace Fuel Cans, gas, firewood logs, smoke, and no ash clean up. This indoor or outdoor ethanol burner fireplace provides an open real flame that burns completely ventless & Vent Free, soot free, ash free, easy light and extinguish.
  • [Overheating Protection Safety Function] To ensure your safety, EUHOMY fireplace heater has overheating protection safety functions. If the temperature of the electric fireplace heater is too high or the heater, it will automatically shut off.
  • [Timer function & Remote Control] The indoor fireplace heater has a timer, so you can set to run for up to 6 hours at a time. It is equipped with a remote control, so you can control all of the functions of the electric fireplace itself without having to get up.
  • THERMAL SHUT OFF automatically renders the unit safe in the event of overheating ensuring the safety of your home & family
  • AUTHENTIC BURNING LOGS capture the charms of a wood-burning fire including adjustable brightness levels
  • Warms 1,000 Sq. Ft. with supplemental heat
  • Multi-function remote control included
  • 🔥Safe to Touch: The heating element is located on the bottom so the body of the stove is always cool to the touch, no matter how long it has been running.
  • 🔥Toasty Fireplace: There’s no better feeling than relaxing by the fireplace on a cold, winter evening as you sip a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Stay warm this winter with the efficient 4,777 BTU heat output of a TURBRO Suburbs electric stove.
  • 🔥Alternative Heating: Instead of cranking up your furnace thermostat, use the Eternal Flame fireplace insert as a cost-effective additional heater for your living room or den.
  • 🔥Overheat Protection: Overheating protection automatically shuts the heater off if the internal temperature gets too hot. The TURBRO Eternal Flame heater is CSA certified to be safe for use in North America.
  • 🔥【Multiple Operation Modes】Equipped with wireless remote control and touch screen control panel for great convenience. The 0-8 hours timer, 2 heat settings, thermostat control, flame color and power off, all above functions can be easily achieved by both remote control and touch screen, meeting your personal needs.
  • 🔥【Reliable Safety & Superior Comfort】ETL certification recognizes it as a safe device to be used indoor. The overheat protection system will shut off the heater automatically if it is overheating. The heat is good for maintaining the natural humidity for optimal comfort. And the fireplace will not produce harmful smoke and is safe for people and pets.
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Zone Heating

This is the basic idea. The idea behind zone heating is simple. It keeps the rooms that you are in warm, while those in other areas can be kept cool. This is a fantastic way to cut down on your electric bill. You can also set your thermostat lower to lower your heating bill while still maintaining comfortable temperatures in your most used rooms.
Heating is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) when you read about electric fireplaces. BTUs are a measure of the heat or work required to increase the temperature by 1 degree for one pound. It is more difficult to heat water than it is to heat air, so fewer BTUs will be required to heat a space.


A variety of features can be found on many models of electric fire places, including Remote control and thermostat control.
Temperature control lets you set desired temperatures in your room. A electric fireplace is able to bring that temperature up and keep it at the same temperature by switching itself on/off.

Flame Effects

An electric fireplace's focal point can be the flames effect.
These fireplaces have the same ambience and look as a fire, but they don't burn real wood.
An electric fireplace's flame effects are achieved by reflecting light from rotating mirrors. This creates flickering flames.


An electric fireplace can be an electrical device and requires mains power to function.
Electric fireplaces almost always come equipped with both a power cord or a plug. They work right out of box. You simply plug your electric fireplace into an electrical outlet in your home.

Fireplace Styles

An array of electric fireplace options are available, from traditional to modern, brick-mounted and wall-mounted models, through inserts and freestanding units with a mantel.
The fireplaces can be ordered quickly and shipped as one unit.

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1. Will An Electric Fireplace Save Me Money?

It is possible, and here are some reasons. First, electric fireplaces don't require regular maintenance like gas or wood-burning fireplaces do. Electric fireplaces don't require regular maintenance. You can also buy fuel, kindling and logs without hiring a chimney sweep. Plug them in, enjoy! The second is the electric fireplace which can be used to heat a secondary zone. A fireplace can be used in a single room to heat, not all of your house. Furthermore, installing electric fireplaces is much easier than installing real fireplaces.

2. How Large Of An Area Will An Electric Fireplace Heat?

Every person thinking about buying an electric fire place asks the same question. An average electric fireplace can heat approximately 400 square feet. While there may be some models that do better than others, 400 square feet should suffice. You can even cover 400 square feet with an electric stove. These stoves can produce approximately 5,000 BTU's heat.
Additionally, the heat control can be toggled on and off. If you do not want flames, this is possible. You also have the option to turn off the flame and just heat. A final note on heat. Electric fireplace glass can be cool because there is a special area for heat to escape. This allows you to safely touch the glass, without burning your skin.

3. Is It Okay To Put A TV Above Or On An Electric Fireplace?

Many electric fireplaces will hold flat-screen TVs. In fact, they are made to support them. An electric fireplace mantel can also be used to mount wall-mounted televisions.

4. Is It Okay To Leave An Electric Fireplace On Overnight?

Because electric fireplaces work as space heaters it's okay to keep them on at night if it needs additional heat. You should turn them off when you move from the place where it is situated.

5. Once Installed Can They Be Moved?

Yes. You can move a portable electric fireplace from one area to another. Since there's no permanent installation or duct work, fireplaces with surrounds and mantles are easily portable. Although a fireplace mounted on a wall can be moved into a new room, it would require that the mount is removed. An exception to this rule is the flush-mounted wall fireplace, which has been cut through the wall.

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