The Best Realistic Electric Fireplace You Need To Try: Updated In January 2022

According to 10,391 reviews of customers on popular websites, our experts found that most of them are satisfied with top 10 Best realistic electric fireplace, which is then searched trend below in January 2022. If you are a fan of some big-name manufacturers like Touchstone, Duraflame, Turbro, Vivohome, Puraflame, then you’re supposed to reach the right place.

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  • DUAL CONTROL OPTIONS - With a simplified control panel and a sensitive remote control, this fireplace allows you to control the flame brightness, temperature, and timer from a distance; Besides these 4 buttons, the control panel features an LCD display screen and 3 LED indicators to display the temperature, flame level, and timer reading
  • REALISTIC DESIGN - To be as vivid as possible, the VIVOHOME Electric Fireplace Log Set Heater adopts exquisite craftsmanship and durable material that looks like the real thing; The dancing flames and glowing log embers also provide an immersive experience for you and your guests in your home, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere; There’s no longer a need to haul wood and clean up ashes
  • 🔥Toasty Fireplace: There’s no better feeling than relaxing by the fireplace on a cold, winter evening as you sip a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Stay warm this winter with the efficient 4,777 BTU heat output of a TURBRO Suburbs electric stove.
  • 🔥Safe to Touch: The heating element is located on the bottom so the body of the stove is always cool to the touch, no matter how long it has been running.
  • 🔥Hassle-Free Heat: Having a fireplace used to mean gathering firewood, sweeping the chimney, and dealing with smoke inside your house. Now you can have a flickering fire in seconds with the TURBRO Eternal Flame electric log.
  • 🔥Overheat Protection: Overheating protection automatically shuts the heater off if the internal temperature gets too hot. The TURBRO Eternal Flame heater is CSA certified to be safe for use in North America.
  • 🔥Adjustable Flames: Create an enchanting fireside environment without the mess and smoke of a real fire. The 3 brightness levels of the flame effect can be turned on separately from the heat to really help you set the mood.
  • 🔥Toasty Fireplace: There’s no better feeling than relaxing by the fireplace on a cold, winter evening as you sip a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Stay warm this winter with the efficient 4,777 BTU heat output of a TURBRO Suburbs electric stove.
  • Adjustable thermostat; A supplemental heat for up to 400 sq. ft. CANNOT be used as a main heat source; Remote control provided for easy operation
  • Overall dimensions: Width: 35.04" x Height: 26.99" x Depth: 8.78". For more dimension details, please refer to "User Manual" in "Technical Specification" section
  • 🔥Multiple Flame Effects: Unlike other simple electric log sets, the EF26-PB provides 5 flame options and 5 brightness levels to fit any occasion. The unique “breathing” mode gently lights the ember bed without a bright, flickering flame that can disturb your sleep.
  • 🔥Alternative Heat Source: Instead of cranking up your furnace thermostat, you can use the Eternal Flame fireplace insert as a cost-effective additional heater to keep you toasty in winter. You can also use the flame-only option to enjoy realistic flames year-round without extra heating.
  • 🔥Hassle-Free Heat: Having a fireplace used to mean gathering firewood, sweeping the chimney, and dealing with smoke inside your house. Now you can have a flickering fire in seconds with the TURBRO Eternal Flame electric log.
  • 🔥Realistic Flames: The 3 adjustable brightness levels of the flames allows you to set the right amount of light no matter the occasion. A bright roaring fire for large gatherings, or a soft glow for more intimate encounters.
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What Suggestions Are Provided To You To Choose The Best realistic electric fireplace Suitable For Your Needs?

To buy any product seems easy, but to choose the best one is not straightforward. The time you take to research its outcome is significant. The same matter also comes to Best realistic electric fireplace of 2022 that we include in this article. But you can relax instead of spending too much time learning the products. It’s our duty!

The Best realistic electric fireplace in this list has been tried and tested to find effective for users. To cover the main content of our buying guide, you are expected to see the FAQs here first:

  • Is it any use to shop for this product?
  • How many advantages are there if you invest in this product?
  • Where can you be provided with support from experts for any product-related issues?
  • How to choose the best one step-by-step?
  • What is the best choice of this product in the market?

In 2022, our post introduces the most used items among Best realistic electric fireplace and their buying guide. You can easily find these models at many different prices and notifications on some sources like websites and forums. We have researched customers' needs and finances to invest in Best realistic electric fireplace through AI tools and Big Data. So the materials you get are exact and reliable.

Here are the main features of Best realistic electric fireplace that all of you guys should keep in mind when deciding to make a purchase:

Fireplace Styles

There are many styles of electric fireplaces: traditional, built-in or wall-mounted stoves and inserts. Freestanding models can also be available with mantels, entertainment centers, or free-standing.
These fireplaces are simple to order, and they come pre-assembled.

Zone Heating

This is the basic idea. The idea behind zone heating is simple. It keeps the rooms that you are in warm, while those in other areas can be kept cool. This is a fantastic way to cut down on your electric bill. You can also set your thermostat lower to lower your heating bill while still maintaining comfortable temperatures in your most used rooms.
Heating is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) when you read about electric fireplaces. BTUs are a measure of the heat or work required to increase the temperature by 1 degree for one pound. It is more difficult to heat water than it is to heat air, so fewer BTUs will be required to heat a space.

Flame Effects

An electric fireplace's focal point can be the flames effect.
These fireplaces have the same ambience and look as a fire, but they don't burn real wood.
An electric fireplace's flame effects are achieved by reflecting light from rotating mirrors. This creates flickering flames.

Forced Air Heat

This unit blows air through a heating element, then into the space. Although not as efficient than infrared heaters in terms of efficiency, forced-air heaters are a significant improvement in safety and technology.

Infrared Heat

A quartz element creates infrared heat. It heats objects and not the air, so it is instant. It is possible to save energy and get soft, almost immediate warmth. They can heat as much as 1000 sq. feet, and they don't require venting. This makes them ideal for zone or supplemental heating. What is zone heating?


A fireplace that is electric requires electricity to operate.
Most electric fireplaces come standard with an electrical plug and power cord. They are easy to use right out of the box. Simply plug the electric fireplace in one of your standard home electrical outlets and it will work immediately.


The framing and chimneying of electric fireplaces are not required. This can save you money over the life-span.
These are great for remodeling, renovations and new constructions where a cost-effective, efficient solution is required.


There are many models of electric fireplaces that come with a variety of options, including remote control, thermostat, timer, multi-color flames and flame only functionality.
You can set the desired temperature in a room using thermostatic control. An electric fireplace, which turns itself off when it is turned on or off, will heat up that room to achieve this temperature.

Fuel Types

Professional installation is required for natural gas and liquid propane fireplaces. Some fireplaces can accommodate either one or both fuel types. Some areas may not have natural gas access so make sure you choose the right fuel for your needs.
Although woodburning stoves and fireplaces have a classic look, they require maintenance and cleaning. These stoves and fireplaces are ideal for living off the grid or providing heat during power outages. Woodburners of today are much more efficient than previous models, with electric blowers available to distribute heat evenly throughout the space.
Pellet stoves use special fuel, which can be made of compressed wood or any other organic material. Pellets are brought from storage containers to a burning area. The pellets burn quickly and produce very little ash.

Control & Media

Electric fireplaces work in the same way as TVs. They can be operated using a remote control or buttons located on the unit.
You can most of the times customize your media bed for an electric fireplace. Brand-specific media includes log sets and crystal gems as well as crushed fireglass and coal embers.


1. Are The Flame Effects Realistic?

This is an extremely subjective question. Electric fireplaces built in today's modern age have better flame effects than the ones made a few years ago. High-quality fireplaces can almost replicate natural flames. The majority of these fireplaces produce an excellent effect. I recommend that you look at videos of your specific model to see the flames and make an assessment for yourself. While some fireplaces produce very real flames, others create special effects that emit blue or purple flames.

2. Once Installed Can They Be Moved?

Yes. Yes. A portable electric fireplace can be easily moved from one room to the next. Fireplaces without mantles and surrounds are also easily moved, since they don't require ductwork. You can move a wall-mounted fireplace to another room, but the mounting device must be moved. Only flush-mounted wall fireplaces that have been cut in the wall are exempt.

3. How Large Of An Area Will An Electric Fireplace Heat?

This question is asked by everyone who purchases an electric fireplace. An electric fireplace can heat 400 square feet. There are a lot of models out there that can heat more or less than 400 square feet, but it is safe to assume that the majority will heat up to that amount. The electric stoves can cover as much as 400 square feet. The majority of electric stoves produce heat at around 5,000 BTU.
You can also choose to turn the heat off or on, which means that you don't have to keep the flames burning. You can also have just the heat and the flame on. Another thing about heat. An electric fireplace's glass is very cool. Most of them have an area that heats up. You can safely touch the glass without worrying about getting burned.

4. Can You Put An Electric Fireplace On Carpeting?

Electric fireplaces can be placed on any carpeted floor, regardless of whether they are a mantel, media console or media console. They will not damage hardwood and tile floors.

5. Will An Electric Fireplace Save Me Money?

There are several reasons for this. First, electric fireplaces don't require regular maintenance like gas or wood-burning fireplaces do. You don't need to rent a chimney sweep, or buy logs and fuel. You just need to plug them in, and then enjoy. An electric fireplace can also be part of an supplemental heating plan. An electric fireplace can be used to heat the area you are currently in, rather than heating all rooms and raising the thermostat. Electric fireplaces can be installed much faster and are cheaper than traditional fireplaces.

6. Do Electric Fireplaces Get Hot?

Although the firebox is the heat source of the fireplace's heating, it does get hot as the fireplace is being used. However, most fireplaces are safe to touch due to their cool-to-the–touch features. Children and pets can be safe around the surrounding media console or mantel as it does not heat up.

7. Are Electric Fireplace Heaters Safe?

Electric fireplaces offer safer heat than gas and wood fireplaces. There are some risks with appliances, but they can be minimized if the appliance is properly used. Electric fireplaces are safer than real fires and can be used in a home without carbon monoxide poisoning. Modern units have many advanced safety features such as an automatic shutoff to make them as safe as they can be.

8. Is It Okay To Leave An Electric Fireplace On Overnight?

Electric fireplaces can be left on overnight, provided that the area in which they are located requires heat. They should not be left on when you are leaving the building or home where they are located.

9. Can An Electric Fireplace Produce Carbon Monoxide?

This is not an issue with electric fireplaces. Carbon monoxide can be produced by wood-burning fireplaces. However, this risk is eliminated with electric fireplaces. This is another reason why people prefer electric fireplaces to the hassle and mess of traditional fireplaces.

10. Is It Okay To Put A TV Above Or On An Electric Fireplace?

Some electric fireplaces can hold flat-screen televisions. They are usually designed for maximum TV size. You can mount wall-mounted TVs above an electric fireplace mantel, or any media console.

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