The Best Soft Sided Carry On Luggage Buying Guide & Top Picks Of 2022

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Best Overall: SwissGear Sion Softside Expandable Luggage

"With plenty of pockets and soft handles for convenience and comfort while traveling, this is a desirable product for many travelers." Read Review

Best For The Price: Samsonite Underseat Carry-On

"With its compact size, this carry-on can fit well under your seat, inside the storage bin, or above other suitcases." Read Review

Best Lightweight: Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Lightweight Expandable Upright Luggage

"Don’t misjudge by its lightweight feature, this product is quite durable and can last for a long time." Read Review

Best For Ladies: Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Chelsea Luggage

"With its trendy and unique design, this suitcase is suitable for travelers with a feminine taste." Read Review

Soft-sided luggage, though it may not look as fancy and modern as a hard-sided one, sure brings along some incredible benefits.

With a soft-sided suitcase, it’s possible to expand the size up to 2 inches so that travelers can have extra packing space for clothing, presents, or even souvenirs during the trip. Besides, we all know that the fee for checked luggage is not, so to avoid this cost, it’s better to stuff a few belongings into your carry-on luggage.

Also, most soft-sided luggage has zipped pockets on the outer shell for convenience and more storage. If you’re usually a last-minute packer or you need to keep something close to your side, maybe a wallet or a phone, you can put those items inside these compartments without having to carry an unnecessary handbag or backpack. Therefore, a soft-sided carry-on bag is a smart choice.

If you are interested in getting one of these, we will gladly guide you through our list of the Best soft-sided carry-on luggage that we made sure to comprise the best options for each type of traveler.

Products Suggest

TOP Choice #1 SwissGear Sion Softside Expandable Luggage
Our Score:

The suitcase is designed to maximize organization. The SwissGear Sion Luggage can carry a large number of items and keeps them secure with its sturdy straps.

Furthermore, this product itself is expendable, allowing you to store some more items and avoid weight restrictions at airports. However, it’s still lightweight enough to move around.

TOP Choice #2 Samsonite Underseat Carry-On
Our Score:

The Samsonites underseat bag is a terrific tool for regular passengers wishing to minimize carry-on costs or maximize their carry-on capacity at a reasonable price.

This suitcase also includes a USB charging port, so if you already have a battery bank, you can charge your device with the extended wire from the zipped pocket.

Travelpro's Maxlite 5 Luggage is a budget-friendly, lightweight, soft shell that checks all the requirements. You'll be ready to travel on your next vacation with this incredible suitcase that features spinning wheels, plenty of packing capacity, and comfortable handles.

Furthermore, there is a side strap for accessories to hold your beverage or food, which is uncommon to see in many products.

4 Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Chelsea Luggage
Our Score:
Kenneth Cole REACTION

This Kenneth Cole Chelsea Luggage appeals to us because of its numerous pockets with different sizes for easy access. There are tons of exterior ones that are ideal if you have any cumbersome stuff on hand or any items that need to be taken out usually.

Plus, the suitcase's capacity is adjustable, so if you need to go on longer trips, this one is perfect for that as well.

This Rockland Melrose Luggage is an excellent companion for any trip from fast from short getaways to holidays. The bag can be stretched out quite a lot, so you can easily stuff more clothes or other things if you wish to go on a long trip without carrying a bulky suitcase.

There are also several pockets on both the inside and outside of the bag, making it easier to keep organized when traveling.

6 Samsonite Solyte DLX Softside Expandable Luggage
Our Score:

We highly recommend this product for its overall size, which is large enough to hold plenty of belongings without overreaching the size limitations of several US airlines. Even though this suitcase is lightweight, it feels incredibly durable and sturdy.

Besides, there are many pockets for ultimate organization and items’ separation. Plus, the wheels roll smoothly on many types of surfaces.

7 Steve Madden Designer 20 Inch Luggage
Our Score:
Steve Madden

This soft-sided suitcase is ideal for those looking for fashionable luggage. The bag has leather accents and reinforced corners to ensure durability and style.

The inside is spacious as well, so you can freely add plenty of stuff. Moreover, the number of pockets is decent and most of them are zippered to keep your belongings in place.

8 Lily Bloom Luggage Carry On
Our Score:
Lily Bloom
  • 🛫PUSH-BUTTON HANDLE & 360 SPINNER WHEELS: Its ergonomic handle providing easy maneuverability and relieve any pressure from your arms while on the move; 4 wheels spinners rotate 360 degree for a smooth roll in any direction. And the single wheel is lighter than double wheels. These wheels are recessed into the luggage body, lowering the center of gravity and offers more stability.
  • 🛫SOFT SIDE & EXPANDABLE: You can pack more vs a hard shell one and you dont have to worry about the rolling suitcase cracking, scratching, and breaking so easily. This softside carry on luggage has two outside zipper pockets, plus a zipper to extend the contents by two inches. An additional 4 liters is available by expanding the suitcase.
  • Case Dimensions: 15.25x13x8, Overall Dimensions: 17.5x14.5x8.5, Weight: 5.5 lbs ; Volume : 26 L
  • Limited Lifetime Coverage plus trusted companion promise, which covers the cost of repair for damage from airline or other common carrier for 1 year.
10 American Tourister Zoom Turbo Softside
Our Score:
  • 20" SPINNER LUGGAGE maximizes your packing power and meets most carry-on size restrictions for those traveling domestically and looking to stay light
  • PACKING DIMENSIONS: 19" x 13.75" x 7.2", OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 22” x 14”x 10”, Weight: 7.05 lbs.
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To Choose The Best soft sided carry on luggage, What Criteria Do You Need To Study Before?

Almost all buyers are anxious about getting Best soft sided carry on luggage. Whenever creating multiple purchases, various issues need to be resolved. Our market expertise will give you help to make the best shopping selection.

It is advised that you perform your research before purchasing Best soft sided carry on luggage. Consider the following questions.

  • What is the most valuable item on the market right now, as perusers?
  • Enjoy the benefits of purchasing online. How does it benefit consumers?
  • What are the benefits of purchasing this item?
  • Should you pay more for this product?
  • When determining to consider investing, what factors should I take into account?

The info related to Best soft sided carry on luggages has also become more available on the internet, thanks to the rapid development of websites, forums, and space for user evaluations and comments.

Many on our list have been tried and evaluated by inventors. Consider the following factors:


Four-wheelers are the most common type of suitcase. Sometimes called spinners. This means that you don’t need to tip your bag before you tow it. It can also be wheeled along with you. Two-wheeled suitcases tend to be slightly larger and are easier to lift over kerbs. However, spinners offer more versatility.


A lot of suitcases have an expandable panel that can be removed to give you at least 10% more packing space. If you're looking for last-minute souvenirs and gifts, some of our top-scoring full-size and cabin suitcases can be expanded.

Types Of Luggage To Suit Your Needs

When buying luggage, there are two things you should keep in mind. While size is important, it's also important to think about the type of luggage that you are looking for. Most luggage comes in one of three sizes. This will allow you to choose the right size for your requirements.


Traveling with your padlock is important. However, it is recommended that you have one with Transport Security Administration (TSA).
The locks are branded with the TSA red logo and include a universal masterkey.
The TSA is the only one that has this copy. This key allows American airlines security personnel to access your luggage and inspect its contents, without risk.
They can open the lock if they are unable to do so.

Do You Need Hard Or Soft Sided Luggage

Hard-sided bags have a reputation for being more sturdy. However, soft-sided bags can now be made from stronger materials such as ballistic nylon fabrics. Another problem is when hard luggage begins to show signs of wear. Cracks and dents are difficult to repair and can be a nuisance in your traveling style. While soft-sided bags allow you to carry more, hard-sided bags are more secure and will protect your "achchar", bottle. You should also consider how to store your luggage once you return from the trip. If you rent bags, this last task is easy to manage.


Cases up to full-size: How easy will your suitcase fit into the car's boot if you plan to drive to the airport? It will it be possible to carry the bag around in crowds? There's also the baggage rack at the airport bus. You could hoist it onto the top. You might consider a lighter option if your travels are less than two weeks. A piece of luggage should be durable enough to endure rough transit conditions, yet not cause you pain.
Hand luggage is allowed on most airlines. Some allow for a second hand bag, such as a backpack, or sling bag. A suitcase that is "cabin-size" does not necessarily mean that it can fit into a cabin. Although there are restrictions on size, many airlines will accept suitcases up to 56x45x25 cm.


Practicality is enhanced by suitcases that have handles at the top and sides. This extra handle along with the towing handle makes it much simpler to lift your suitcase onto and off luggage racks, check-in scales, and baggage carousels.
Top handles can extend into several positions to provide maximum comfort. When not in use, they can be retracted for easy pushing down.


There are many internal pockets that you can find in both hard-shell and soft-sided luggages. These include small pockets with integrated zippers and large pouched pockets that will hold a laptop. You can also have removable laundry bags or garment sections to keep your suit jackets from tearing. Soft-sided suitcases are often equipped with external pockets that can be used to store easy-access items.


Checked luggage: Full-size bags are allowed, but the weight limits vary by airline (see below). Excess baggage fees can be very high so make sure your bag isn't too heavy. Regular flyers might find it useful to purchase luggage scales. Keep in mind, however that you will need to pack more outfits if your suitcase is empty. We found that the best suitcases were as light as 2.3kg empty. Bulkier options weighed in at around 6.2kg.
Hand luggage: Some airlines may have restrictions on the weight of cabin cases. You don't have to give up books, souvenirs and gifts if you choose a lighter cabin bag or fly with an airline that is more flexible.


1. How Much Does It Weigh?

You should look beyond the features and attributes of the bag's pockets when you search for a travel suitcase. Check out the weight of the bag without any contents. This is a mistake I've made more times than once. A bag too heavy to carry around is a temptation that I make love to. You will need to ensure that your bag is light, especially for travelers who want to save baggage fees. Look for bags that claim to be lightweight, or give you an accurate weight. It will not be possible to carry a heavy bag on an airplane from Hawaii, or at train stations across Europe.

2. What Type Of Wheels Are Best For Luggage?

Because they are more maneuverable, in-line skate wheels work best for luggage. You will find more luggage with four wheels, so you'll want to look into wheels made from polyurethane. These wheels are durable and long-lasting.

3. Is The Rolling Handle Double Barred?

You may prefer to carry a rolling bag, but the main part of a suitcase is its handle. Some brands still make luggage that has a single pull handle. Single bar bags are less sturdy than double-bar rolling bags. This feature can fail to work when you're rushing through an airport. You will be in the middle of an arm workout while carrying your bag. This can be avoided by purchasing a bag that has a double-bar handle.

4. Does It Have A Warranty?

A lot of travelers choose a bag according to its price, appearance and other features. This system doesn't offer security. Look for any warranty on a bag that you love. It can be difficult to travel. You may have to rush through airports with your luggage and then wait for baggage claims. You will only be charged for the cost of the bag if it isn't covered by warranty. My bag has a 10-year guarantee. My current bag comes with a 10-year warranty. If something goes wrong, you don't need to pay more for it.

5. Is Hard Or Soft Luggage Better?

Because it is lighter than heavy luggage, soft luggage is more popular. Because of the use of lighter materials in hard luggage, this has been changed. It really depends on personal choice as to which option is better. Many soft luggage has expandable and external pockets. Hard luggage, on the other hand offers greater protection and durability.

6. What Is The Importance Of Luggage?

Because you need to travel a lot, you can also take the bag with you. A well-designed luggage bag will make an impression on other people. Bags are more than just bags. They can also be a fashion statement.

7. What Size Suitcase Is Considered Oversized?

While baggage size regulations vary from one airline to the next, most airlines allow luggage to be checked up to 62 inches in length. These airlines would consider bags exceeding these limits to be excessive.

8. Are The Inside Pockets Useful?

Your clothing and personal belongings should be contained in your luggage. Bags with too many pockets end up being useless. Think about what you prefer to pack before you go ahead and click the buy button. You may not want a large zippered lid, so make sure you have a bag that has a great design. Look for suitcases with shoe compartments. Your bag should maximize its space. If your features aren't clear, it won't work.

9. What Is The Most Durable Luggage?

Polycarbonate and ABS are the most reliable luggage materials on the market. While the former is more sturdy, it's usually lighter. Both durable and lightweight luggage can be constructed from both.

Since merchandising consultant pros have a wide variety of expertise, the information above is presumed to be accurate. The data of Best soft sided carry on luggage is also updated on a regular basis. You may feel confident that the data is current and accurate.

Please report any problems with Best soft sided carry on luggage so that we can improve your experience. We'll work even harder to improve our quality as a consequence of your favorable comments!

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