Here's how to live without criticism

  • 21 Nov 2021 09:05
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Here's how to live without criticism

Can you live with no criticism?

Why, yes! It's something that people do all the time.

Forget about the six steps. there is only one way to live and not be criticised-- not to live at all. Aristotle said, "Criticism can be avoided easily by saying nothing and doing nothing and being nothing."

It's as simple as that. You can live a life without consequence and receive no criticism. If you find this approach distasteful, there is another way to deal with criticism without feeling crushed.

Simply put, criticism is something you cannot live without. However, it can be overcome.

What are the steps?

Embrace criticism. Accept criticism. A constructive critic is one that points out flaws and fails without using hateful or hurtful language. However, destructive criticism is a form of disapproval that is rife in negative emotions and poorly expressed opinions. They should be accepted technically, but in different degrees and with different approaches.

How can you deal with constructive and negative criticism?

The best way to handle criticism--constructive or otherwise--is to accept it objectively. It doesn't matter how hurtful it is, you can let go of your wounded ego and just focus on the message. Criticism often contains a bit of truth. To find the areas that need improvement, examine each comment carefully.

Never respond to criticism with all your emotions. Accept your criticism with grace and swallow your pride. If necessary, apologize. You can cry in privacy, but don't get involved in shouting matches or open disputes. Keep yourself in check. This is emotional intelligence, dear reader.

Make criticism a book. Let's make a picture. Imagine you are waiting for a response from your editor after turning in a manuscript. You imagine the wonderful feedback you would receive: "A stunning read... refreshingly profound... resonating in the wondrous interplay between heart and humor." Instead, you get: "Exceedingly boring...your worst work yet." You could have done more'.

You won't be glued to your computer all day, and you'll probably end up crying at the kitchen table. It hurts. Sometimes it can take several days to relieve the pain. If you're wise, those words will be rolled up and thrown into your internal furnace. You can make those words part your daily mix of things that keeps you going. Make criticism constructive. Let it fuel your drive.

You are not good enough, they say. Be a good enough person.

The Huffington Post was initially heavily criticised. It is now the number one source for news, entertainment, and liberal political writing. To grow, everything needs to be allowed to take time. Be patient with your self. Keep trying. You can become anything you want.

Accepting criticism does not mean that you should allow bullying and verbal abuse. There is a clear distinction between abusive criticism and destructive criticism. Verbal abuse can have a profound impact on self-image, self-esteem, and self-esteem.

It is not allowed.

We hope you find this helpful.

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