How To Know If You Are A Good Writer

  • 16 Nov 2021 11:00
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How To Know If You Are A Good Writer

Writers were once thought to have been those who could write and amaze people. They gained respect and rank over time.

Recent times have seen a significant shift. Everyone who has a smartphone or laptop with internet access has become a writer thanks to social media. Many of these people feel they can write whatever they want on their devices and make it public. There are many people who will share any content, no matter how poorly written or shallow, on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It doesn't matter if what they write may not be authentic, verified or meet the needs of their readers. They only care about sharing the work of their hands online, and that their readers can see it. That's all!

They are so wrong! You are not a writer if you post anything that comes to mind.

First, a writer can be defined as someone who uses written words creatively to communicate ideas and convey information using various styles and techniques.

Here are some tips to help you spot a great writer.

1. An excellent writer is a good reader

It may seem cliché, but it is true. A reader is a leader. This statement is undisputedly true. It is impossible to write if the information you need is not available. It's almost impossible! Reading can help you get information, stay informed, expand your vocabulary, and build your word bank. Words are essential work tools for writers. Without words, a writer cannot execute or function.

2. Discipline is key to a good writer

Writing is a disciplined job. It's one thing to begin writing an article, story, or book. But it is quite another to complete it. Only disciplined writers can finish what they begin. Many have been denied the opportunity to become writers because of their lack of discipline.

3. Passionate about writing is what makes a good writer

Writing is more than just about writing. Writing is about expressing your inner passion through words that flow from your heart. You can't be a great writer if you don't have passion for writing.

4. Creative writing is a virtue

Creativity means creating something unique, new, different, and unusual that will stand the test of times. Originality is the watchword of a good writer. This inspires him/her to be creative and not rely on others' work.

5. Good writers pay attention to details

Attention to detail means being attentive, paying attention and taking notes. A good writer's work is not only well written but also thoroughly reviewed and polished to perfection.

Here's the real deal: Writing is the first step in becoming a great writer. Start putting your thoughts in the best words possible and getting started.

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