How To Use Literary Devices To Keep Your Readers' Eyes On You

  • 23 Nov 2021 04:45
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How To Use Literary Devices To Keep Your Readers' Eyes On You

It is great to grab your readers' attention, but how do they keep it going? How can you keep them engaged until the end? Literary devices are a proven way to keep readers interested beyond the page.

Literary devices are techniques that enhance narratives and create special effects. They can be used to enhance literature in all genres and are often confused with figures of speech. Figures of speech can be used as a literary device.

Imagine how boring your narration would look without dramatic irony, suspense, and figures of speech. Literary devices can give meaning to sentences. They allow for reflection and connect your readers to your writing.

There are many literary devices. Each one has its own purpose. Let's take a look at a few of them and see how they work in a story.

1. Figures in speech: Figuring out speech is the most popular technique. They are not always literal.

"I wanted to go outside, but the sun smiled upon me. Mother Nature was telling me to stay put. Even though the sun is dead, it smiled. It paints images in the minds of your readers.

"I couldn't go outside because of the sun" is a similar statement. However, the first use personification (a figure of speech) to create a strong mental image.

2. Dramatic irony: A scene that places your reader ahead of the characters can be dramatic irony. They are excited to learn that they have knowledge that is not available to them. In Romeo & Juliet, the reader knew that both were alive, while the characters were unaware.

3. Flashback: A flashback is when a writer takes readers back to the past. This technique helps the reader better understand the motivations and actions of a character. This gives a deeper understanding of a story.

4. Suspense: This is a tension that has been created by deliberately withholding information. Contrary to dramatic irony the reader doesn't have all the information necessary to solve the mysteries of the plot. They want to know the next chapter.

5. Humour: Humour can be used to relieve tension and create a sense of humor in writing. This keeps your readers engaged in your work.

Literary devices can be a great way to keep your readers' attention, but they could also ruin your writing. Your writing success depends on how you use them. Before you choose a literary device, consider your audience and style.

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