Stories Are Best Told From The Heart

  • 18 Nov 2021 09:05
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Stories Are Best Told From The Heart

People see story writers (fiction/non-fiction) as magicians, but they are something far more. Story writing is more than a hobby. It's a form of ordination. A story writer can be described as a divine entity with the unnatural ability of giving life to nothing. Story writers take events, names, and places and place them on their work table for inspection. He breathes life into them in a similar way to the Prophet Ezekiel's dry bones. nothing then becomes something.

Things or ideas that were once intangible begin to awaken and take shape. They kick, bite and kick, and then become human. They love and are loved, and they become as powerful and enchanting as they are.

The writer has fulfilled only a small portion of his purpose. He/she transforms into a tour guide. The writer takes you on an experience-filled journey through words that could be called portals. You not only meet the characters but also feel their joy and pains. You are now where the writer wants.

Once this is achieved, the character transforms into a matchmaker. You are the characters. They look just like you. Some are funny, some are charming, while others can be so evil and despicable that you hate them. Their foibles and idiosyncrasies make you feel conquered. You have fallen in love with bits of another person's imagination. They are not going to leave your head. You are sold and the match is done. The writer is done.

Oder is it?

True writers don't want you to just experience his/her work. They want it to become part of your life forever. He creates his words so that they can move, not just on the pages. These words are taken from the pages and placed within your soul. It becomes a part of your daily reality.

Once the story is a vibration in your spirit, then the writer takes a bow.

Are you a storyteller?

Is it not surprising that storytellers have such power?

It is easy to see that stories are best told from the heart.

The writer doesn't just pick up a pen and start to write. Writing is not a mechanical process that combines characters and events. It's a spiritual art, a thing of depth. Story writers must reach deep inside, to the core of their characters and soul.

A story is more than a description of events, people, and places. It's also a way to describe an experience. Any other than that, it is just a description.

Open your heart to telling good stories. You can feel everything you want your reader feels, and you can live out each character. Remember, you're the tour guide. You can do all of this in your heart. Yes! Yes!

Your story should be real. Let it live in your heart.

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