Three Secrets of Great Writers

  • 19 Nov 2021 08:25
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Three Secrets of Great Writers

"Are You a Writer?"

"Yes, I am"

'Nice. Would you please send me ?'

"Hmm, I've had so busy that I haven't got around to writing much these day'


Everybody knows that the job of a writer involves writing. There is no conspiracy to make you lazy, and there is no cheating by the universe giving you more hours than the usual 24 hours. You are not writing as much as your heart desires.

How can efficient writers make it work?

1. They Make Choices

It all starts with solid decisions.

You may have a penchant or interest in books and writing if you are reading this. However, it is not enough. Writing is not the same thing as being 'dedicated to' it. This post is not necessary if writing is something that you enjoy doing. If writing is something you do for fun, this post is not necessary. Writing is a serious hobby.

Ask yourself, 'Am I truly dedicated to writing or is this a let-me-try-my-hands-at-this thing?'

If you answered positively, we continue.

2. They Are Disciplined

Any writer who is worth his salt will tell you self-discipline and discipline are essential to great writing.

Everyone says "I was so busy today", but that is not always the truth. Sometimes we fill our time with useless activities. You might have started writing but got distracted by the TV. After spending two hours on the TV, you realize it's lunchtime. Another hour is spent preparing and eating lunch. You remember that you are supposed to write, but that the food takes time to digest. Then you fall asleep, only to wake up by a friend. After a refreshing conversation, you have dinner, and then you drift off to sleep tomorrow. You rest your head on a soft pillow.

You have wasted twenty-four hours and only four words remain on your computer: Once upon an time.

Are you a writer who is able to make a difference?

Be disciplined. Reduce your luxury items, such as television and sleep. You must be disciplined to complete everything that you start.

You must also take responsibility for your day. Plan your day when you wake up. Set goals and targets.

3. They Stay to It

You should write all the time. Writers who are productive know that a perfect time will never come so they grab every opportunity they can. They write while they wait in the lobby or on the bus. This is the life of an efficient writer. They don't have the time to find it; they make it.

This does not mean you can't relax. You do have the right to relax, of course. But you need to know what to let go and what to keep.

Decide today to transform yourself from abstract writer into an actual writer. Talking about something is not enough. Writing in your head won't help you get published. Work towards your goals to make your dreams come true.

These tips will be a surprise if you take them seriously.

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