Two Timeless Secrets To Success

  • 18 Nov 2021 09:55
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Two Timeless Secrets To Success

The word "secret" will be a catchphrase for humans. A secret is for most people a way to connect where they are now and where they want it to be. Even the most successful corporations and companies have secrets that have helped them achieve their success over the years.

It's hard to believe that Practice and Time are the keys to everything.

They are everywhere we look, and we often ignore them.

Let's begin with time.

Life is a complex web of possibilities, outcomes and choices that are balanced on solid pillars, rules and principles. Life's response to rules and principles is what is and will become.

Time is one of these principles.

A farmer doesn't expect a seed to germinate in five minutes when he plants it. He knows that the seed takes time to grow, regardless of how hard he works. Many of us, unlike the farmer are impatient. Because they didn't reap the harvest quickly enough, we rip out infant dreams from the soil. New ventures are abandoned because Forbes didn't recognize them within two years. Many people are so impatient they think success is measured in speed.

Time is the language for growth. The multinational conglomerates and conglomerates that you admire have spent decades working, making countless mistakes, and putting in countless hours. It is impossible to achieve their success without investing as much time as they have.

Time will transform your dreams into solid achievements that no one can take.

Be patient.

The second secret is practice.

Walter Pater said, "The only way to perfection is through a series of disgusts"

It is frustrating to watch great people fail to reach their goals. Sometimes it feels like they have ten lives more than us. They are more knowledgeable than we are and have done more. We are driven mad by their presence. It is clear that the most successful people didn't do anything unusual; they achieved mastery.

How did they do it?

They practiced.

Practice is a method of unravelling the tapestry. It exposes you to all that is possible. It's an exploration that leads to mastery. Don't be ashamed of how little you know. Practice is what makes the difference between you, and those you admire.

Put your back into it--practice like a maniac. Learn, take classes, and practice more. You'll become a pro in a few years.

These two things are the only way to succeed at anything. Give it your all, but first, do your best. Don't let success stop you from putting in your best effort. Second, masters don't come naturally; they are created. You don't have to be an expert; just get out there and practice.

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