Understanding Pronouns

  • 24 Nov 2021 03:35
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Understanding Pronouns

To avoid redundancy, a pronoun can be substituted for a noun. It is used to refer to nouns that have been mentioned in a sentence before. It can be used to refer to he, she or who as well as someone. Although it is a common part of speech, it could be misused in sentences. You can avoid common mistakes by understanding the rules of exceptions as a professional.

  1. The fundamental rule of pronouns is that a singular pronoun must always be followed by a singular verb, and a plural pronoun follows by a plurality verb.
  2. Always remember to put the other person before yourself. It is wrong to write "Me and my sibling are going to market" rather than "My sister and I are going into the market".
  3. An apostrophe can be used with pronouns for contraction purposes only, and not to indicate possession. It's used to indicate that it is or has. It should be used in a sentence as 'We have attained its peak' and not 'We've reached it’s peak'.
  4. Unregardless of the noun, a singular verb always follows either or', neither,' and each of'. Because the pronouns only refer to one subject, this is why there are three of them. It is incorrect to say, "Each of us is writing a story". It is correct to say that each of us is creating a story.
  5. Use 'they' or 'theirs' only with singular pronouns. For example, "Somebody laughed and should be punished." "Somebody" refers to one person while "they" indicates plural. The two pronouns are not compatible. This rule is not to be broken. It could lead to unclear writing.

These exceptions are strictly followed by professional writers to avoid errors. We are a permanent solution if this seems too daunting. We are available to assist you with your writing needs.

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