Wooden Garden Furniture Sets Pros And Cons

  • 23 Dec 2021 05:30
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Wooden Garden Furniture Sets Pros And Cons

Wooden Garden Furniture Sets Pros And Cons: Wooden garden furniture sets have been popular for decades, thanks to their stylish yet practical nature. If you’re considering buying wooden furniture for your garden then here are a few of the main factors you’ll want to consider.

Benefits Of Wooden Garden Furniture Sets

1. it is Versatile: Wooden garden furniture sets can complement a huge number of different styles. They look simple in their most basic form, though you can also dress them up with more decorative cushions or colors.

2. It’ll Last A Long Time: If you care for wooden furniture properly then it’s going to last for a long time. Make sure you choose hardwoods for your garden furniture and you can expect it to last around 20-30 years. Oak, ash, and teak are all popular choices for wooden furniture.

3. It Looks Great In The Garden: Wood blends seamlessly with the natural environment, and looks great in almost any garden.

4). It Doesn’t Get Hot: Metal furniture is known to get extremely hot in the sun, absorbing the heat around it, so requires more shading. Most wood, on the other hand, is comfortable to sit in all the time: it doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

Drawbacks Of Wooden Garden Furniture Sets

1. Maintenance: Unlike metal furniture, wood does need to be treated around 1-2 times every year. This keeps it protected against the elements and helps it to last longer. However, the maintenance does depend on the type of wood you choose. Teak is one of the easiest types of wood to maintain. Pine and oak, on the other hand, are more easily damaged by the sun and rain.

2. Hardwood Is More Expensive: Most people will recommend you choose hardwood for your wooden garden furniture sets, due to better durability and less required maintenance. The drawback is that hardwood is more expensive than softwood, though you can expect it to last around two or three times as long. In the long term, this makes hardwood more cost-effective.

3. It May Not Be From A Sustainable Source: Whenever you purchase wood products, you should consider whether or not they come from a sustainable source. Look out for the FSC logo on any furniture you’re thinking of buying to make sure it’s sourced from a renewable forest.

Wooden garden furniture sets can be a fantastic addition to your outside space, combining practical maintenance with a stylish look. Just bear in mind the maintenance tasks you’ll need to do to keep your furniture in top condition, and always make sure that your garden furniture uses the wood of a sustainable origin.

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