You Can Spice Up Your Writing With These Four Steps

  • 20 Nov 2021 08:30
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You Can Spice Up Your Writing With These Four Steps

Does your writing make the eyes water?

Does the thought of someone reading something you have written make your family cringe?

Do you remember hearing your best friend whisper, "Is this torture or content?"

Are you getting reviews that say 'your nearly there'

Say no more.

Here are four ways to make your writing more engaging and readable.

1. Use the active voice to write more than the passive voice

The boys ate the eggs.

If you don't have the courage to say it, we will. Most of the time passive voice writing makes your readers bored. Professionals will tell you that there are better ways to communicate your message.

Instead of using the half-dead sentence above, we could say that the boys ate eggs. This gives a clearer picture of the idea.

Although passive voice isn’t necessarily bad, it doesn’t have the same grip on the mind of the reader as active voice. Write in passive voice only if you have to.

2. Use words in a concise, creative way

You must love words if you are a writer. You don't have to remind people about your love for words by dumping all of your logophilic brain into one blog post. This is the fastest way to make a reader lose interest.

What should you do?

Get rid of any extraneous material. You can still make sense of your sentence without it.


Suddenly--cut! !

Really--cut!! !

To ensure variety, keep your writing simple and change the lengths of sentences. A brilliant flow is possible by being concise.

You should also choose words that will compel the reader to take action. Words that stimulate the senses are a good choice. Their imagination will be a constant attraction, keeping them on the page. Word usage is an intentional process.

3. Your work should reflect your confidence

How to Make Five Billion Dollars in a Week is a title for a book. The chapters are filled with'maybe's, ’might’s, you might', ‘it could’, and 'it may'. This, dearest writer is not acceptable.

Your writing is meant to communicate with your readers. Your writing must not contain any doubt or vacillation in order to make your message compelling.

We are back to word selection. Words that suggest possibility should be replaced with words that convey certainty without sounding pompous. Writing should make the words feel alive to the reader. This allows them to connect with you and the content at a deeper level.

Every word should shine. Your readers should be able to see the secrets of your mind.

4. Be an avid reader

Joseph Addison said, "Reading is to your mind what exercise to the body is to you." This further supports the idea that writers should, must, and must read.

Reading and writing are both like feeling and living. Reading is essential to develop your voice and ability to communicate clearly in writing and speech. Reading can give you depth and weight. It enhances the quality and value of your work. It has profound effects on grammar, vocabulary, style, and syntax.

This is the only advice you can take if you don't want to listen to any other.

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